Art & Beauty


Agathe Singer

Agathe Singer is a French illustrator based in Paris. She studied graphic arts at Duperré and Penninghen before working as a graphic designer. Over time she developed a passion for gouache and began to paint. Inspired by artists like Matisse, Le Douanier Rousseau and Frida Kahlo, she was drawn to creating worlds of vibrant and imaginary flora. Themes of femininity, beauty and nature often dominate her bold, colourful work. Making it the perfect fit for clients in the fashion, textiles, interior design and cosmetic sectors. Her client list includes Sephora USA, l’Oréal, Snapchat, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, Anthropologie and Dr Jart.


Claire Prouvost

Claire Prouvost is a French illustrator and visual artist based in Dublin.  She loves to diversify her practice from digital illustration for commercial and editorial projects, to acrylic painting in her studio or urban-art spray painting. Claire is constantly seeking the perfect dynamic composition by combining angular shapes with softer lines, and bold, flat colour layers. She has worked with a diversity of international clients and brands such as Gucci, Lavazza, LG, Diageo and many more.


Chloe Weinfeld

Chloé Weinfeld is a French illustrator based in Lyon, after several years spent in Paris. Her work with gouache mixes colorful and lush landscapes where cohabit imaginary architectures and dreamed figures of daily life. She combines organic shapes with geometric ones, with a special attention paid to details and pattern. Influenced by her travels and childhood in Réunion Island, her complex & joyful images are an invitation to escape and rêverie, to safe and intimate places.


Monge Quentin

Quentin grew up on a beach in south of France, where he started out drawing simple silhouettes in the sand. His work employs those summer vibes of his childhood by the sea continue to haunt his colourful work for the pleasure of our eyes. Through his minimalist characters and beautifully composed patterns, Quentin captures a world of bikini-clad women riding crocodiles, surfers in harmony with sharks, and gardens of crisp and juicy watermelon. When he's not creating beautiful digital illustrations for editorial and advertising clients, he's usually eating blue cheese, or getting lost in Paris walking his dog. His ever growing client list includes Airbnb, Barclays, Glamour and Weapon of Reason to name but a few.