Key Ingredients | Moment 64 - backup

Manuka Honey Extract
Manuka honey has been hailed as a wound-healer and skin savior for centuries in New Zealand but not only. Rich in antioxidants, it prevents signs of premature skin aging often caused by environmental aggressors making this substance especially beneficial for the scalp, which is often an overlooked area of the skin which is continuously exposed to UV and environmental pollution. It’s a natural humectant making it an effective hydrator without causing oiliness drawing in moisture and sealing it into the cuticle of the hair, making the hair super-soft with shiny strands

Propolis Oil Extract 
Propolis is a resin like substance made by bees from tree resins and sap which has long been touted for its healing properties. Propolis has been an ancient natural remedy that has been used to treat wounds, burns and acne, but the remedial benefits extend to stimulating hair growth. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and proliferative properties. The natural substance can encourage the growth of cells known as keratinocytes, which play a role in hair shaft and follicle production