The Beauty of Sustainability in Action

Human-friendly Technology

From the heart of the earth to the roots of your hair, our products contain the finest naturally-derived ingredients stemming from innovative technologies with countless hours of lab research and formulation.              

Optimizing Natural Origin Ingredients (up to 94%) to leverage their unique benefits and for remaining ones will commit to use responsibly sourced ingredients and Green Chemistry that consumers can trust  

Infusing our formulas with essential oils like Rose, Lemongrass and Propolis delightfully pampering your senses.    

Heavenly peaceful scents blending delicious notes together from nature

Environmentally-friendly Green Packaging

Our beautiful bottles not only carry the indulgent natural formulas that benefits your hair but also are made from recyclable materials that benefits the planet.

Made with Braskem’s Green Polyethylene, renewable raw material.  

100% recyclable. I’m green™ Polyethylene may be recycled in existing recycling systems. 

Contributes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions : each produced ton of I’m green™ Polyethylene captures and sequesters 2.5 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.  

 We are using Kraft paper-based boxes rightly regarded as being among the most environmentally friendly and sustainable. The label is from BIO-PE composed of 95% of sugar cane waste.